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Ordering Your Cake

1. Costs and Payments

1.1 A 30% (non-refundable) deposit is required to book and secure all orders.1.2 The remaining balance must be paid no later than 14 days prior to pick up or delivery. 1.3 You will remain liable for all fees during any period when services have been discontinued or suspended due to a failure on your part to comply with these terms and conditions. 1.4 Quotations and proposals are only vaild for 14 days and must be accepted in writing by letter, email, or by signing the quotation/ proposal/ purchase order. Such acceptance must be accompanied by a 30% deposit unless otherwise agreed. 1.5 Deposits can be made by cash, cheque, money order or direct bank transfer. 1.6 Work on the cake will not commence until the agreed deposit has been received and cleared.

2.Cake Design

2.1 Coco cakes will provide you a design sketch if required after cake deposit is paid. 2.2 If you have asked to Coco Cakes to replicate a design we will do our best to make the cake looks similar or better than the image. 2.3 Coco cakes does not guarantee the replica will be excatly as the image supplied to us. 2.4 No changes are allowed later then 3 weeks prior to the event. 2.4 Changes on the cake design may apply an extra fee.

3. Limitation of Liability

3.1 All terms and conditions, warranties, undertakings inducements and representations, whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise relating to the provision of services by Coco Cakes not contained in the Agreement are excluded and Coco Cakes will not accept liability for any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) however caused (whether by negligence of Coco Cakes or otherwise) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly with respect to the services or products provided by Coco Cakes. 3.2 Coco Cakes will do its best to meet the need of allergy sufferers however we cannot guarantee our products will not contain any traces of allergens from our suppliers and therefore accept no liability of damages induced due to allergy. 3.3 Coco Cakes accepts no liability for any damages made to the product and/or its decorations after it has left our control. This includes any damages caused during transport for self pick up.

4. Suspension of Service

4.1 Coco Cakes reserves the right to suspend services in any case where you fail to perform your obligations under this agreement. This includes but is not limited to where payment is not received within the agreed time frame.

5. Termination

5.1 Coco Cakes may discontinue services if an amount payable to Coco Cakes is overdue or not received within the time frame specified in this agreement.

6. Cancellation and Refunds

6.1 Cancellation of an agreed quotation or proposal by you must be communicated to Coco Cakes both by telephone and in writing (letter or email). 6.2 A deposit will not be refund if services are cancelled. 6.3 We will not process a refund if a client does not like the taste of our product/s and/or its decoration.

7. Hire and Rentals

7.1 All items offered for hire at Coco Cakes require a $200 security deposit. 7.2 All hired items must be returned to Coco Cakes within 3 business days after event. 7.3 Upon return of item Coco Cakes will refund security deposit with 48 hours to nominated bank account. 7.4 A fee of $50 will be deducted from the security deposit for items returned after 4 business days. 7.5 If the items is not returned within 10 busness days it becomes your property and we will not return the security deposit.


8.1 All deliveries are done before 2pm on the day to avoid any inconveniences. If you require your cake to be delivered at a specific time Coco Cakes must be notified in advance and an extra fees may apply. 8.1 Coco cakes will organize the delivery with a week in advance. If delivery is dennied it will be the clients resposability to organize a pick up from our showroom.


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